Student Supplies and Price List

Please note that this list is effective September 18, 2017, and is subject to change without notice.

Langley Flying School Publications

Private Pilot (Initial )Groundschool Manual


Commercial Pilot Groundschool Manual


Instrument Rating Groundschool Manual


Flight Training Handbook


Multi-engine Rating Flight Training Handbook






Pilot Operating Handbooks

Cessna 172


Cessna 152


Cessna 150


Piper Cherokee


Piper Seneca




Other Publications

Aeronautical Information Manual

Flight Training Manual (Transport Canada)



From the Ground Up


Air Command Weather Manual


Sharper Edge PPL Exam prep guide


Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide


Canadian Commercial Pilot Answer Guide


           Instrument Procedures Manual



Pilot Charts

Vancouver VFR Navigation Chart


Vancouver VFR Terminal Chart


En route Low Altitude—LO1 and LO2



Pilot Flight Computers

CX-2 Electronic Flight Computer


E6-B Computer


E6-B Computer (Metal)



Pilot Logbooks

Pilot Logbook (basic)


Professional Pilot Logbook



Pilot Kneeboards

KB-1 VFR Kneeboard ( Metal )


KB-3 ASA Kneeboard ( Tri Fold )



Other Pilot Materials

Douglas Protractor


Navigation Ruler






Groundschool Tuition

Private Pilot


Commercial Pilot


Instrument Rating  G/S



Aircraft Rates (hourly)


Please note that there are no headset or fuel surchanges.

Cessna 152 Solo


Cessna 152 Dual


Cessna 172 Solo

Cessna 172 Dual

Piper Cherokee 140 Solo




Piper Cherokee 140 Dual


Piper Seneca Solo


Piper Seneca Dual


Simulator Dual (certified for Instrument Training)


Single-engine  Introductory Flights 





Instruction Rates (hourly)

Air Instruction from Flight Instructor


Preparatory Ground Instruction from Flight Instructor


One-on-one ground instruction from Flight Instructor


One-on-one ground instruction from  Langley Flying School Tutor



Administrative Fees

Langley Flying School Cheque Writing

International  Students Letter of Acceptance



                International Students Shipping 

         $ 200

               Airport Pickup Fee



Transport Canada Written Examinations

Private and Recreational Pilot  Examination


Private and Recreational Pilot Examination (non-LFS Students)


Private Pilot Partial Examinations


Hang Gliding, Ultrahigh, and Gyroplane Examinations


ROC-A Examination (non-LFS students) and Application



LFS Final Exam - PPL or CPL (Non LFS Students)

PSTAR Examination with Certificates (non-LFS students)

Student Pilot Permit (Non-LFS Students)





Independent Tranpsort Canada Examiner Testing Fees

English Proficiency Examination

Flight Test (Transport Canada)-PPL



Flight Test (Transport Canada)-CPL

Flight Test (Partial Re-ride)




Licence Application Fees

Private Pilot Licence

Processing Fee—Langley Flying School


Licencing Fee—Transport Canada


Commercial Pilot Licence

Processing Fee—Langley Flying School


Licencing Fee—Transport Canada


Pilot Endorsement (Ratings)

Processing Fee—Langley Flying School


Ensorsement Fee—Transport Canada