Langley Flying School Student Awards

Giving to Langley Flying School Students

Pass on the gift of flying and join us now in our mission of empowering young people.

The Power of the Bursary

The gift of a bursary is an amazing tool as it directly connects those who want to give back to aviation what they have receive, to those who are just getting started in aviation. The training years for young people present incredible challenges and obstacles, and, clearly, many give up on their dreams and settle in their professional lives for something less. The bursary is a means of sending a message of encouragement to those students, perhaps before they fall by the wayside—a monetary gift of $500 to $700 to those who demonstrate high achievement during Transport Canada testing will provide earned respite from the financial burden of pilot training. Perhaps more important, however, the bursary will send a direct message from the sponsor—pursue your dreamgo the distance. In a young person’s life, these messages of encourage are sources of power.

So, what can you do to help?

The answer is simple. Set up bursary in the name of yourself or in the name of someone who has had an impact on your life. With our assistance, establish the qualifying criteria based on objective Transport Canada standards of performance (qualifying written examinations or flight tests), and we will post the award on the Student Awards listing. When a student meets the qualification standards you have established, we will contact you, provide evidence of the student achievement, and you issue payment directly onto the students training account.

Written Examination Preformance Bursaries

For written examination performance bursaries, students must meet a qualifying percentage grade on the total examination score, or select examination section scores. For the bursaries that have been set up by Langley Flying School, students must achieve 90% as an overall score on specified Transport Canada examinations. Bursaries could be created for similar scores—greater or less than 90%—for overall marks, or it could be awarded for scores on specific sections—for example, air law, weather, general knowledge or navigation, or a combination of these section.

Flight Test Performance Bursaries

For flight test performance bursaries, students must achieve specified grade scores on selected flight test exercises, as awarded by a Transport Canada Pilot Examiner. Typically, the qualifying scores are the perfect scores—4/4—and the cluster of qualifying exercises could revolve around, for example, landings (normal and speciality), upper air exercises (slow flight, steep turns, stalls, and spins), emergency exercises (precautionary landings, forced approach, and emergency procedures and malfunctions), or the navigation exercises.

How to begin . .

Review the Student Awards page on this website to get a sense of the process. Also, review the Student Award Recipients page to see who has benefited. Then, please contact the Chief Flying Instructor, David Parry, by email or telephone—(604) 532-6461—and we will do the rest of the work for you. We will provide all the information you require and answer any question you have. When a student qualifies for you bursary, we will contact you with a request to transfer the bursary award to the students account. The student must use your award toward flight training at Langley Flying School. Your bursary can be discontinued at any time with no obligation.