Langley Flying School and the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) have established a partnership to enhance pilot training and educational opportunities for students from both institutions.

This collaboration aims to leverage Langley Flying School's extensive flight training programs and CAUC's comprehensive aviation education to provide a robust learning experience.

Langley Flying School is well-regarded for its various pilot training programs, which include Private Pilot Licenses, Commercial Pilot Licenses, Instrument Ratings, and Multi-engine Class Ratings.

The school is recognized by Transport Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, ensuring high standards in flight training and regulatory compliance.

This partnership is designed to facilitate student exchanges, allowing Chinese students to benefit from Langley's advanced training methodologies and practical flight experience. It also enables Canadian students to gain insights into the aviation industry in China, promoting cultural exchange and broadening their professional perspectives.

The collaboration is expected to provide numerous benefits, including the enhancement of pilot skills, increased job opportunities for graduates, and the fostering of international cooperation in aviation education.

This strategic alliance underscores the commitment of both institutions to advancing the field of aviation and preparing the next generation of pilots for a globalized industry.


Opportunity of Working for Airline on Vancouver Island, preferably graduates from Langley Flying School.

We are currently looking for a chief pilot for an airline on Vancouver Island. The airline has Senecas and Navajo chieftain.

The applicants must have:


Valid multi engine IFR endorsement

250 hours Multi PIC twin time within the last three years

Preferably on a Seneca

The student who graduate from Langley Flying School has priority.

Salary is determined by number of hours worked.

please email your resume to Langley Flying School at


Exciting Type Rating Opportunity: You can fly Airbus A320/A330 right after you graduate from Langley Flying School.

Langley Flying School has signed an agreement with an airline on July 6th, 2022. Upon students complete the flight training in Langley Flying School, if the student gets recommended by Langley Flying School, the student can jump the cue and get type rated for either Airbus 320 or Airbus 330 and secure a pilot job in the airline.

The Airbus’s cockpit is no longer hard to reach; you could be seated in the Airbus cockpit upon graduation.

The airline we partnered with is currently operating flights to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia (including 25 cities in China).

Airlines usually only employ pilots with high flight hours and multiple years of flight experience working in the Aviation Industry. However, after years of communication and collaboration between two companies, including a comprehensive reviewing of the school’s flight training program, safety management system, and instructor qualifications.

This airline has recognized the quality of the training at Langley Flying School, confirmed it meets the airline’s entry-level pilot requirements, and thus established a partnership with Langley Flying School.

The number of recommendations we can offer is limited each year;

please contact Langley Flying School at or 1-877-532-6461



Congratulations to Keaton, who completed his first solo flight!


Congratulations to conor smith, who successfully completed his CPL flight test!


Congratulations to Jianmeng, who completed his first solo flight!


Congratulations to Emil Khasanshin, who completed his first solo flight!


If you are interested in building your career in the aviation industry or just want to sharpen your flight skills, consider the Advanced Aviation Diploma program!

This diploma program opens an array of possible jobs within the aviation industry by teaching a variety of skills necessary for today’s market. Upon completion of training with Langley Flying School, students earn 45 university credits, transferable to Trinity Western University.

If you are interested, please contact us at 604-532-6461 / to reserve your seat ASAP!