Aviation Language Training Program

AELT-1 Basic Position Communication 


Time Allocation

  • 20 minutes


The aim of this lesson is to develop the student’s ability to comprehend and communicate position relative to the cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west).  Student will learn to describe the position of objects , and will learn to comprehend instruction regarding the movement and placement of the object relative to tcardinal directions.


Part 1: Basic Cardinal Points Pronunciation

Using the white board, layout the four basic cardinal points around a basic compass rose (cross), showing north, south, east, and west.

Group Practice

Demonstrate the correct pronunciation of these position, and have the class say the words aloud and in unison.

Individual Practice

Moving around the class in a circle, have each student say one of the cardinal points in sequence.  First student: “north”, second student “south”, third student, etc.  Continue to point to the individual students sequentially for practice (unless the group number is divisible by four, they will all have the opportunity to rotate through the four words).  Correct individuals who do not get the correct pronunciation by pointing to yourself and saying the word correctly, and then pointing back at the student cueing them to repeat the utterance with the correct pronunciation.

Completion Standards

Successful completion of this lesson is indicated with students pronuciation of the fourbasic cardinal points.