Ideas for the Gift of Flight

You tell us what you want, and we’ll write you up a Gift Letter—a perfect to inspire!  For further information on any of the gift ideas below, contact anyone of our Flight Instructors at (604) 532-6461, or email

Introductory Flight Lesson—$245.7 Two customers, which is $298.20

This is perhaps the most popular gift because it is not too expensive, yet your friend or loved-one will really be exposed to airplane flying under the supervision of a Flight Instructor.  The recipient will be treated just like a student pilot and will be involved in all the pre-flight and post flight administration and duty normally completed by pilots—this takes about 1.5hours, and includes the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, calculation of weight and balance, and all pre-flight and post flight pilot checklist tasks.  The 40-minute flight typically entails a flight from Langley Airport to White Rock and back and has distinct departure, en route, and arrival phases of pilot activity.  

* instruction fee and tax including.