Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about becoming a Pilot......

How much will it cost to become a pilot?

How long will it take to get my Pilot Licence?

Do I have to attend classes?

How is Pilot Training Organized?

How do I know if Langley Flying School is right for me?

Do I have to undergo a pilot medical exam?

How do I continue to enjoy flying after I complete my Private Pilot Licence?

Can I flight train in my own aircraft?

Is flying safe?

Has Langley Flying School ever had any accidents?

After I become a student, can I do casual work at the School and be paid?

Must I be proficient in English Language?

Why does Langley Flying School use the Piper Cherokees as their primary training aircraft?

Students active in Flight Training......

When will I be ready for my First Solo Flight?

What will happen if I have to temporarily discontinue my training?

I'm having problems with air sickness—what can I do?

What happens after my First Solo Flight?


Thinking about a career as a Commercial Pilot......

Will I be able to find a flying job when I complete my Commercial Pilot Licence?

What is the difference between a private flying school and college flying programs?

What should I do if I want to get a university degree and be a professional pilot?

Can I get a job with an airline after I qualify as a Commercial Pilot?

Will I get "glass cockpit" experience if I complete my advanced Commercial Pilot training at Langley Flying School?