Cyling and Bus Information for Langley Flying School Students

Sorting out the 503 Bus Schedule

The 502 bus schedule can be a little confusing when you first use the service as there are actually two 502 buses, the first only takes passengers to Langley Centre Station, which is actually about a 15 minutes walk short of Langley Airport. This bus is simply marked 503 Langley Centre. The second bus is marked 502 Aldergrove Via Langley Centre, and it will briefly stop in Langley Centre and then carries on to Langley Airport en route to Aldergrove as per the routing below. The effect of this is that you are able catch a bus from Surrey Centre Station (Sky Train access)—or from any stop along the Fraser Highway—every half hour that will take you directly to Langley Flying School. On the alternating half-hour schedule is the 502 Langley Centre bus, and it will only take Langley Centre. In effect, then, one of the 502 buses passes each bus stop along the Fraser Highway every 15 minutes, but only every second bus is the 503 Aldergrove bus that goes past Langley Flying School.

Below is the 502 Bus routing between Langley Centre Bus Station and Langley Flying School, and also the departure times for the 502 Aldergrove bus leaving Langley Centre for Langley Flying School.

Routing for the 502 Aldergrove bus from Langley Centre to Langley Flying School

The cycling option

The cycling options are excellent for students of Langley Flying School. If you live in comfortable proximity to Langley Airport, you can simply use your bicycle, and if you live further away from the airport, you can simply combine you cycling with busing--simply hook your bike on the any 502 bus and cycle to and from the 502 Bus route with convenience. The only drawback is that the Greater Vancouver buses (which of course include Langley and Surrey municipalities) only have two bike slots on them, so you sometimes have to wait for the next bus if both slots are in used.

Riding Equipment

Don't forget—cycling is all year round in the Greater Vancouver area, but you will need to be equipped for periodic rain riding. Winter riding equipment includes effective front and rear strobe lights, boot covers, water proofpants, waterproof gloves, and a waterproof Balaclava, and a helmet cover.   

Bicycle Equipment Suppliers

A great cycling shop only minutes from Langley Flying School is Caps Bicycles, and an excellent supplier of outdoor clothing, expecially for cycling is Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Bicycle Riding Time Estimates

When picking a place to live, consider our estimates of the bicycle riding times indicated on the following map:

Cycle Times to Langley Flying School