Langley Flying School Employment Opportunities

Second Assistant to the Chief Flying Instructor's Office

This position is a part-time offering for students currently enrolled at Langley Flying School and will work in support of the First Assistant to the CFI Office.  On assigned days, the Second Assistant wil review the fleet status with respect to current deferred and non-deferred defect, and scheduled aircraft maintenance tasks.   ensuring that purchase orders for aircraft maintenance services have been properly prepared, documented, and forward to the aircraft maintenance service provider.  Daily work will include conveying aircraft to and from the maintenance ramp at Langley Airport, and ensuring the completed maintenance tasks are properly documented in the school's maintenance control software system.  The Second Assistance will otherwise provide supporting task support to the CFI related to school administration related to flight training operational control.  Interested students should contact David Parry, Chief Flying Instructor. 

Flight Instructors

Langley Flying School is seeking to recruit Flight Instructors in support of our Regular Flight and Groundschool Operations.

Langley Airport is a busy Class C facility located in Vancouver Greater Area, adjacent to the primary Vancouver flight training practice area and under the main flyway for most of the 20 or so flight training units in the Vancouver area. They say it's the most exciting airspace in Canada!

Experience in high-density controlled airspace an asset, but not a requirement.

Full assistance will be provided in finding residence if required.

Full medical and dental benefits are provided to LFS staff.  Flow-through to Seneca (EFIS equipped) IFR and MER Instruction positions are based strictly on seniority (with a "no-parking" rule). Advanced training for staff is encouraged and is heavily discounted.

See our website ( for overall information regarding the school, staff, students and training enviroment.   Interested persons should submit their resumes to David Parry, Chief Flying Instructor. 

Groundschool Instructors

Langley Flying School is currently in need of Groundschool Instructors to teach classes in the summer. Instructors must be a current or previous holder of a commercial license (aeroplane), or be currently enrolled in a commercial pilot program.  Preference will be given to applicants who have successfully completed the Transport Canada Commercial Pilot Written Examination.  Interested persons should submit their resumes to David Parry, Chief Flying Instructor.  

General Information

Langley Flying School's training operations revolve around its staff of full-time and part-time Flight Instructors, who are responsible for the safe conduct of individual training flights. Flight Instructors are typically recruited from graduates of the school's Commercial Pilot Program, but externally trained Flight Instructors are sought when staff shortages are needed to be filled within tight time frames. Students enrolled in the Commerical Pilot Program who are interested in becoming Flight Instructors should make their intentions known to the Chief Flying Instructors as early as possible.

Like most flying schools in Canada, Langley Flying School Flight Instructors typically remain on the job for two to four years, after which time they are recruited by commercial air carriers providing multi-crew aircraft for commuter or airline operations.

Langley Flying School's staff is governed by traditional rules of seniority based on hire date, with senior Flight Instructors receiving priority with regard to student bookings and access to advance multi-engine and instrument flight instruction.

Flight Instructors begin with a flat hourly pay of $30 per hour for Class IV Flight Instructors, and $35 per hour for Class III and $40 for Class II and above Flight instructors.   Groundschool Instructor are paid $25 per hour for classes, plus one-hour preparation time (per two-hour teaching assignment).  For additional assigned administrative duties, and supervision, Flight Instructors and general staff are paid $18 per hour. Generally, Flight Instructors are able to assume as many added administrative duties as they choose, but typically their primary focus while at the school is line flight instruction.

All Langley Flying School staff have access to a Group Benefits program, which includes medical, dental, and disability benefits.