Chief Flying Instructor's Page

My Pleasure to be Back 

It is my pleasure to be back as Chief Flying Instructor after being away for almost a year to the day, and it is especially a pleasure to take the helm after Kamy Fard has done such an excellent job at guiding the ship—the WAAS GPS for the Seneca, the Cessna 185 on floats, and the beginning of our transition to developing our Cessna 172 training aircraft fleet—these are all initiative overseen by Kamy in the last year.

It is also a pleasure to assist an awesome team of Flight Instructors, many with whom I have worked in the past, but also many new faces, with everyone full of energy and enthusiasm!  I look forward to what will no doubt be an exciting year in flight training operations.

To all the students who are active as students, it is a pleasure to meet you—something I am trying to do on a day-to-day basis—and I look forward to having a chance to meet you—and even perhaps flying with you when a checkride opportunity arises.  I want to say that our attention as a flight school to student feedback, opinions, and suggestions, has been—and remains—the main driving force in the development of Langley Flying School over the last 23 years, and it is our core value as we step into the future together.  Langley Flying School has an outstanding record of with regard to its Private and Professional Pilot graduates and we want you to become a part of that legacy.

Feel free to email me with your comments and suggestions, and of course my office is always open.

As always,

Fly Safe!

 David Parry,

Chief Flying Instructor