Effective Flight Time

Your Instructor seeks the most effective and productive use of time in the air; this is his or her job.  What about airtime during your solo flights?  Clearly, a student who is more effective in preparing for solo training will be licensed faster and will save money.  Here are some suggestions: Before you go off on a solo flight, prepare a schedule of exercises that you intend to practise.  Review the important points associated with each exercise, and specifically include the applicable standards from the Flight Test Guide.  When you are done, review the proposed training plan with your Instructor.  In the air, always fly manoeuvres or exercises as if you were demonstrating your skills during a flight test.  Always use the correct speeds, altitudes, power settings, and flap settings.  Especially during upper air exercises, always work a specific altitude and a heading or “line.”  Finally, after you land, review your performance with your Instructor.


Eugene Agon,  Langley Flying School