Local Students

If you are a Canadian Citizen (perminent resident) with a proof of conducting high school in Canada, you can follow the information below to start your learning.

To find out more information on the Program, contact Langley Flying School and make arrangements to meet with a Flight Instructor.  The Flight Instructors will be more than happy to review any questions you may have.

Next, book a ½ hour Introductory Flight—this will take you through a complete cycle of flight training for only $85 (plus instruction fee and tax), and you will get a solid feel for the calibre of training staff, the quality of our aircraft, the training environment, and the School and its organization. 

Flight lessons are like piano lessons whereby students book their lessons individually—you make a two-hour booking for an aircraft and a Flight Instructor, show up at your booking time (or a little earlier for coffee or tea), and the Flight Instructor will take you through the steps and get you organized.

Some students like to start with the Groundschool. If this is your route, simply contact the School and indicate that you wish to register in the Initial Groundschool Course. Your name will be taken and placed on the list and you will be advised of the start date. Generally, full-time Private Pilot Groundschool courses begin in January and July of each year—the exact start date is published on the Professional Pilot Program, since the Private Pilot Licence is the perquisite for the Commercial Pilot Program. In contrast, part-time Private Pilot Groundschool courses start the first Tuesday in September, February, and June. If you wish to begin groundschool right away, you can usually join a course in progress via a late registration, provided the course is still in the first half of the semester; for sections that you have missed, you can simply roll over into the next groundschool when it runs at no additional fee.