Medical Insurance for International Students

Mandatory Medical Insurance

Canada has a public health care system for Canadian residents.  Each Province and Territory has a mandatory health insurance plan for its eligible residents. International Students who will reside in British Columbia for over six months on a study permit are deemed to be ‘temporary residents’ of BC, and are eligible to enrol for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).  Eligible students should apply for MSP immediately after arriving in BC.  Information about MSP and the MSP application form can be obtained the following government website:

Important Note!: MSP has a three month waiting period before newly arrived BC residents can be covered.  Therefore, International students must have private health insurance in place prior to arrival in Canada, and for a minimum of three months to cover the MSP waiting period.  As there are certain types of medical expenses that MSP does not cover (such as ambulance services, prescription drugs,  medical supplies, etc.) international students may want to buy private health insurance for the duration of their stay in Canada to supplement their MSP coverage. 

We suggest Langley Flying School students purchase private medical insurance from David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd.this company provides private medical insurance to international students who attend public universities and colleges, as well as private schools in British Columbia, and they are a reputable firm.


Langley Flying School’s contact person for David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd. is Jason Cummings ( The cost of medical insurance for international students is $2.00 per day, with the minimum premium being $60.  See Medical Insurance for International Students. To initiate medical insurance, complete the application form and submit that form with required documentation to

Medical Insurance for International Students

Step 1: Before coming to Canada:
Buy Private Medical Insurance from David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd.

The cost of $2.00 per day is quoted by David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd. for a comprehensive hospital and medical insurance program packaged specifically for international students studying in Canada. The plan covers emergency medical care for unexpected incidents of sickness or accident.  The full details of coverage are in the policy wording available to download below. 

Please note:  the plan does not cover accident or sickness resulting from flight training, or any air travel other than as a passenger in a commercial aircraft licensed to carry passengers for hire.

See the attached medical insurance details below (PDF), For more information, please contact David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd. (

Medical Insurance Policy: policy wording pdf

Application Form and Benefits Summary: attachment pdf

How the insurance works: attachment pdf

Step 2: After arrival in British Columbia:
Apply for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) by submitting the MSP application form and required documents to the BC Ministry of Health, or at a Service Canada office.  Visit the MSP website for information and to print the enrolment form: