Feras Aboulhosn is picked up by Air Canada Jazz


Langley Flying School Graduate Feras

Aboulhosn has been picked up by Air

Canada Jazz to fly the CRJ 705.  Feras

will be based in Calgary and will be flying

to destinations that include Vancouver,

Sacramento, and Las Vegas.


Feras was in a pool of 15 candidates

and all got hired, but only three were

lucky enough to draw the turbojet, based

on a random draw from hat.  “We all put

out names in a hat and I was the third guy

selected,” says Feras.  “I had the choice

between the Dash and the CRJ—you

Feras Aboulhosn

can image my decision was an easy one.”


Jazz operates 33 CRJs, each with a

passenger capacity of 50 passengers. 

Their published performance numbers

include a cruise speed of 484 mph, a

cruise altitude of 35,000’, and a range

of 1,300 sm. 

Air Canada Jazz CRJ


The news came out earlier this month,

although Feras has participated in the

selection process since the middle of

October.  Interviews were conducted

in October and simulator evaluations—

which consisted of Toronto instrument

approaches, including an engine failure

—began in November.  “I think the

simulator evaluation was mainly to see if

you could work well in a multi-crew

environment.”  “We had some time to

review the SOPs, and then we went into

the sim,” says Feras.

Feras Aboulhosn with Pilot Examiner Matt Edwards upon the successful completion of Feras' Group 1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating.  November, 2004.  Langley Flying School.


Feras’ offer was received on November

20th, and their orientation week was

conducted in early December.  Ground-

school begins on January 2nd in Toronto.


 Feras began his pilot training in February

of 2002, and completed his Private Pilot

Licence in August of that year. In June of

2004, Feras graduated as a Commercial

Pilot with a Multi-engine Class Rating, and

in November of 2004 obtained his Group

1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating. Rita

Methorst was his primary Flight Instructor

through much of Feras' training. Feras'

professional flying began on the Piper

Navajo PA-31-310, earning his first

Captaincy in October of 2005. From early

2006 Faras has flown the Metro 23 with

Sunwest Aviation.



Air Canada Jazz

CRJ 705


Posted December 24, 2007