#2 Ancillary Controls

Aim: To determine your ability to correctly use carburettor heat and alternate air (not applicable to the Seneca), mixture controls, cowl flaps and any other ancillary control installed on the aircraft.

The Examiner can specify, for the purpose of testing your knowledge in this regard, conditions that are different from those experienced during the actual flight test—e.g., you may be asked what actions you would take when flying in rain (pitot heat), or in icing conditions (the alternate air source is automatic on the Seneca, of course).

You may be asked about the heating, defrosting, and ventilation systems.

You could also be asked about the autopilot system or the electric trim system, so be sure you are familiar with the normal and emergency procedures associated with these items.

Know also about the pitot-static system draining points and alternate source locations.

The cross-feeding of fuel is probably new to you, so be sure you are familiar with how this works.

Evaluation is based on your adherence to the procedures specified in the POH.